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Life Insurance to Protect Families Offered by Kelly Insurance Group in Phoenixville, Limerick, Collegeville, Royersford, Skippack, Trappe, and the Surrounding Areas

Kelly Insurance Group, a family-owned business, offers life insurance to protect families in Phoenixville, Limerick, Collegeville, Royersford, Skippack, Trappe, and the surrounding areas. No one likes to consider their own mortality, but life insurance is meant for those loved ones that are left behind to reduce their financial worries.

Life insurance is a topic that many people don’t like to talk about because it means that they are thinking about a future in which a loved one is no longer there. However, if nothing is put in place, then those who remain could have a financial burden. Life insurance is meant to ease that burden during and after the grieving process.

Life Insurance in Phoenixville, Limerick, Collegeville, Royersford, Skippack, and TrappeJust how much life insurance will someone need? The age-old answer “it depends” applies here, but there are a few things to consider. First is the cost of the funeral and burial, and how that will be paid for. Next would be any outstanding debts that would be left, especially a mortgage on a home. Finally, replacing the income of the deceased family member is a big consideration.  All of these will impact just how much life insurance coverage is needed.

It is important to understand the two main types of life insurance: term life and cash value.

  • Term life insurance is generally less expensive. It provides coverage at the amount purchased for the term of the policy and does not build a cash value to be used down the road.
  • Cash value life insurance is usually more expensive, however it offers the ability to build up a cash reserve that can be used in the future.

Because each insurance company varies in their policies, it is a good idea to have a knowledgeable partner help determine the right life insurance to meet your needs. An independent insurance agency like Kelly Insurance Group works with many insurance companies and can help to answer questions for prospective policyholders.

Kelly Insurance Group is a family-owned agency that takes pride in taking good care of clients and their families.  Providing the right life insurance options is part of their commitment to offering the right protection.

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