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Affordable Life and Health Insurance
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Protecting Your Family’s Future

What do you consider to be your most valuable asset? When faced with this question many point to their home. Some suggest that their business would qualify while others talk about their investment portfolio. However, there is one common denominator that makes the acquisition of all other assets possible: the ability to earn an income.

Your income provides for virtually all of your family’s needs. It also contributes towards securing a strong financial future.

What Happens if You’re Not Here?

It’s one of the most uncomfortable questions to consider yet one of the most important. If the unthinkable should occur, what would happen to your family? In the event of your death, their needs remain. From mortgage payments to food, utilities, clothing, college tuition, insurance and so much more, your family counts on your income. Adding to all of this is the burden of burial expenses. The resulting financial hardship can be overwhelming at a very difficult time. Life Insurance helps to ensure that your family won’t have to worry about finances.

Disabled and sick in hospitalWhat if You Become Sick or Disabled?

Health Insurance protects you and your dependents against the financial strain caused by expensive medical treatment. It makes quality treatment something you can afford, by giving you coverage for individual medical and surgical expenses. It also gives you peace of mind that if you get sick, have a medical emergency or need costly medications, you can obtain health care without bearing all of the expense. Health Insurance can also help you get better and more timely medical care by choosing a carrier that helps you find and choose doctors and other providers.

Lost Income Isn’t the ONLY Worry

life insurance

The serious illness or loss of a parent leaves a terrible void, especially for families with dependent children. Many families find their expenses actually increase as expenses are incurred for things like Childcare, Housekeeping/Maintenance, and Counseling to allow your family to cope or move on after a tragedy.

Understanding Your Options

Many different factors come into play when considering the types of Life and Health Insurance you need. A retired couple with grown children has different needs than a young couple with little ones at home. Business owners have additional considerations. The amount of debt your carry also plays a role in the type and amount of insurance you should carry. We can answer any questions you may have and help you with the selection process that best fits your situation.


Whatever you need, your Kelly Insurance agent can help you wade through the many options, help you determine what you need and put together a package that provides the peace of mind you and your family deserve. Call us for a personal review.