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Kelly Insurance Highlights Liability Issues for Business Insurance in Collegeville PA, Limerick PA, Phoenixville PA, Royersford PA, Skippack PA, Trappe, PA, and Nearby Cities

Kelly Insurance Agency, located in Trappe, PA, is highlighting the need for liability insurance as part of the overall business insurance coverage any sized company should have. Many times, companies worry about adequate coverage for vehicles or equipment but underestimate the amount of liability coverage they need. In fact, underestimating business liability insurance needs is often mentioned as one of the top 5 mistakes companies make.

Business Insurance in Limerick PA, Phoenixville PA, and Royersford PA Having equipment or vehicle loss could put a company out of business. But, a third party liability issue could drag on for years and cost the entire assets of a company or business owner. Many companies may think they are small and therefore do not need a large liability policy. However, liability can come for all angles –products and services, actions of an employee, harm due to slander and more. The changing landscape of business and the many different people and organizations companies interact with increase exposure to liability losses.

While not required by law, every company should have liability insurance. It may actually be an essential tool for securing business. For example, if a contractor is doing business in a hotel, the hotel will require the contractor to have insurance in case a guest is injured due to the construction.   Having liability as part of business insurance portfolio ensures a business is serious about their commitment to their work and an established, trusted company.

Liability insurance can come in many forms. For example, a service company might require insurance that covers Omissions and Errors that comes with consulting or advertising work.   Talk to Kelly Insurance for help in determining your personal and professional insurance needs.