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Kelly Insurance Agency Explains Difficulty in Auto Insurance Price Matching to Residents of Collegeville PA, Limerick PA, Phoenixville PA, Royersford PA, Skippack PA, and Trappe PA

Kelly Insurance of Trappe PA explains difficulty in price matching to residents of Collegeville PA, Limerick PA, Phoenixville PA, Royersford PA, Skippack PA and Trappe PA. As consumers become more empowered in their ability to discover and compare pricing, they often ask if prices can be matched. Kelly Insurance explains the reasons behind the difficulty in doing so when it comes to auto insurance.

Car Insurance in Limerick PA, Phoenixville PA, Royersford PA, SkippackThe first reason is that car insurance is not a standardized product. Unlike other things that can be price matched – appliances, cars, etc., car insurance is rarely a product that can be described as “standard” or with equal features. Each car insurance company uses advanced, company specific algorithms to calculate their car insurance prices. While customers may ask for the exact same coverage options, the algorithms will not generate the same premium quotes. These algorithms are proprietary and the carriers are not required to release or share them.

A second reason is that car insurance is personalized to the driver. The zip code of the driver, marital status, age, driving history and more all make a difference in cost. Actuaries develop factors to determine how each one plays into the calculations and algorithms of pricing. For example, one car insurance carrier may consider married drivers safer than single drivers. Another may cater towards older drivers and therefore give them lower premiums for their car insurance coverage.

A third reason revolves around the optional car insurance discounts. Carriers may view car alarms, car locks or other safety devices differently. Some will offer good student discounts to young drivers while others may not.  They also could view bundling or combining coverages in different favorabilities.

Kelly Insurance Agency advises that consumers who are not happy with their car insurance rates look for an independent agency for their car insurance needs. Price matching is not an option but comparing rates among different carriers is possible when working with an independent agency.