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Back to School Insurance Tips from Kelly Insurance Agency for Collegeville, Limerick, Phoenixville, Royersford, Skippack and Trappe, PA

Kelly Insurance located in Trappe, PA is recommending that parents review their insurance needs as part of K-12 back-to-school preparation. Changes year-to-year can mean significant differences in both coverage needs and premiums. As children go from one school to another, different sports activities, lifestyles and more guide insurance needs.

Entering into a new grade, school, or participating in sports activities may call for a change in health insurance. Clients should review their policies to see if they are covered for school required annual physicals/vaccinations, sick visits, dental insurance and potential injuries. The introduction to viruses, colds and germs will increase as students return from summer vacations, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. Your children may also bring these germs home with them therefore adequate health insurance for yourself and non-school age children is also encouraged.

Insurance in Limerick, Phoenixville, Royersford, Skippack and Trappe Technology in schools is more prevalent now than ever before.  Requirements for the purchase and/or maintenance of laptops and tablets can be costly.  Homeowners insurance may need a review for any limitations of this coverage both at home and in the transport from home to school. Unfortunately, almost all parents will tell you a story about a stolen or disappeared tech gadget.  An agent at Kelly Insurance would be happy to talk to you in detail about protecting these devices.

One of the most important parental concerns of school age children is teen driving.  Please be sure to talk to your insurance agent about current or soon to be teen drivers to ensure they are adequately covered on your auto policy or if applicable, their own auto policy.  The cost to insure teen drivers can be quite high but there are ways to bring down the impact to your pocket without sacrificing their protection.  A benefit of back to school is the prospect of good grades discounts. This may be a chance for you to talk to your teen about their responsibility in either their own car or driving the family car. Some discounts can be up to 30% and make a significant impact in the cost of teen insurance coverage. Generally, the main requirement is that students are required to carry a “B” average.  In addition, there might be a discount for taking approved driving training courses.  Be sure to keep record of certifications received as they typically must be furnished to the insurance provider for the discount to be applied. Finally, if a parent wants to be sure their child is following through with the safe driving, they may opt for driving behavior tracking, a feature being more commonly offered by auto insurance carriers. The optional use of these devices may also offer additional discounts.

An independent insurance agency such as Kelly Insurance Agency can talk through the different options for residents of Collegeville, Limerick, Phoenixville, Royersford, Skippack and Trappe regarding back to school insurance needs. Independent agents represent multiple insurance companies and can therefore provide a variety of coverage options and costs.